See You on the Other Side

Staircase to Heaven pic.jpg

Within the same week, a dear friend of mine died and I adopted a new puppy. The dog has been through hell and back with different health concerns but luckily is on his way back to health. When I look into his eyes I am reminded of the unconditional love we are meant to experience in our time on earth, to cherish the moments we share with the ones we love, reminding me of my beloved friend.

It’s interesting how these rhythms of life, of death and birth, always seem so intrinsically tied together, happening simultaneously. The shock of losing someone suddenly, although my friend fought for her life for weeks, teaches us about the fragility of life. One day we’re here, dealing with the mundane, the next we’re fighting for our lives. We all walk this invisible paper-thin line where life teeters on one side and death the other. I grieved the loss of someone who truly understood me. In my line of work, I share in this kind of loss with my clients. I feel their grief. But the messages are always clear, their loved ones want us to know that they are OK, better than OK, that they are the best they could ever be on the other side.

I was travelling this summer and saw my friend the night before I was supposed to leave town. But something told me to stop by to see her the next day. You might ask, well doesn’t the psychic see what’s coming? But it doesn’t always work like that. When I am channeling, it’s like a charade between me and the spirits on the other side to receive messages. I invite them in to bring validations through. My gift is never truly turned off but I try to ground myself as much as possible in my daily life to disconnect. Outside of that invitation I operate as most do, guided by intuition, which I feel brought me to her that day.

We talked for hours that day about her life, stories from our past together, and deep concepts of life, death, and the afterlife. It was one of those moments that you can feel the energy vibration raised in the room, to an almost exciting level.

My partner had recently read a book called Biocentrism, by Robert Lanza. He was excited about it so I asked him to share some of the details from the book with my friend. Although he didn’t know how it related to the conversation at the time, I now know why I was guided to have him discuss it with her; she needed to hear what he was going to say. One of the most interesting concepts in the book is the idea that death is an illusion. Without getting into too much detail, since science is certainly not my forte, it all has to do with quantum mechanics and the difference between a wave and a particle. It’s this idea that everything in the Universe exists in a probability state until it is observed by life -- so therefore when we die, we go into this other realm of possibilities, outside of time. The author talks about the concept that our energy cannot be destroyed; it was there before life and it is there afterwards.

I truly feel I was guided there to see her that day to say a last goodbye. There was a moment in her office where I felt a soul recognition with her, that we glimpsed each other’s true selves on a soul level. I value that day with her immensely. She was someone who always believed in my ability and helped to spread the word to others about my gift. I feel forever indebted to her kindness and friendship.

For those out there that aren’t quite sure what lies ahead, know this much, there is light inside us all that cannot be extinguished. There is more love, peace, and joy on the other side than we can ever imagine. I not only have faith in that, I hear these messages every day from the deceased loved ones of my clients. Your loved ones are proof. They are sending you signals all the time. If you talk with them, remember them, feel their love for you, they will always be with you. Those moments of joy that you start to feel, even if you feel guilt for having that joy without them, know they are there with you experiencing that joy. When you feel that lightness in your heart, they’re lifting you up. It’s a reminder to live your life with love. Connect to others around you, make time for old friends, and make room for new friends. It’s this connection with others that makes your life full. You take those moments of connection to others with you to the other side. Our love for each other is the only thing that traverses this world and the next.