Preparing for Spirit

I wanted to share a story, an example, of how mediumship is amplified when the recipient takes the time to start the dialogue and communication before a reading begins. 

I recently gave a reading to a woman who was hoping to connect with her brother. From the moment I sat down I could feel his energy surging through me and I was ready to get started. With any mediumship reading, both the medium and the spirit are working together by raising the medium’s vibration and lowering the spirit’s vibration, to make the communication as clear as possible. Of course, every Spirit is different and so therefore every communication from Spirit is different. Using this example, I wanted to share some tips on how to get the most out of your reading.

Be clear and specific with your intentions for the reading beforehand. You must surrender to the experience to get the most out of it. You don’t have to physically speak to loved ones to get attention. They can hear our thoughts telepathically. When you conjure up a memory charged with emotion they can connect with that. This is another way to connect with them-- through feelings and thoughts.

If you want to hear from a soul start talking to them days and weeks before hand and reminisce old memories. Share what’s in your life now with them, such as, relationships, work, home, or decisions you are struggling with, etc. A white butterfly just flew by as I wrote this. Hi mom! That’s my sign from her that she is with me and every time I see one I take the opportunity to speak to her. Spirit is always there, but you can truly build a bond with them by communicating often and looking for the signs after. In the case of this reading the woman had written a long letter to her brother and inside the letter she placed a necklace that had meaning to him. Without me knowing, she had placed the folded letter in her pocket for the reading.

The reading flowed clearly and effortlessly, with her brother mentioning he helped her write the letter and subsequently answered everything that was written down, like decisions that she was contemplating and an uncle she was curious about in Spirit. Are they together? Not only was this confirmed, but he confirmed the uncle by name-- which I was able to convey to her! And after all of this, he did mention the necklace. After I felt his energy pull back and lighten she pulled out the letter and to my surprise there was the necklace he had just referenced minutes earlier. 

Next, surrender all expectations and let go of the outcome.

I’ve always found that people that just surrender and release their expectation have the most powerful and validating experiences. Remember, your loved ones in Spirit are eagerly trying to work with the medium to get you the most solid evidence and validation possible. But it’s not always what you want them to say. For example, if you are in a reading and want to hear your mom talk about how the two of you used to go apple picking together and you keep thinking “Come on Mom, say apple, say apple say apple!” You will most likely not receive the code word you’re hoping to hear. But, if your surrender everything and just go with the flow, it’s very possible that you will hear me say, “Does the fruit tree mean anything to you”? Remember that the medium is like a filter for the information; the receiver must remain open to the intended meaning of the message from the spirit.

Because time doesn’t exist in the afterlife the way it does here on Earth there can be messages that pertain to the past, present or future. Sometimes those revelations come after the reading is finished, and once you’re back in a grounded mental space where you can connect the dots. 

This happens all the time in readings. About a year ago during an audience reading a women’s husband came through and mentioned he was going to send her a penny heads up in a very specific way-- a way that she would completely get. In that moment it made no sense to her but after the reading she and a friend went out to lunch and as they were talking about the experience their food came. You wouldn’t believe what happened next. On her meal was a penny heads up. Yes, you read that right, on her actual pate of food. Messages from spirits don’t always connect with us right away. Sometimes they take days, or months, or even longer, but when they do occur it is often divinely timed with a purpose and truly exhilarating.

Make sure you take a few moments to focus on your breath and clear your mind before a reading. The validating process of a reading requires the recipient to be in a calm, clear, and collected mental space. Even though “psychic amnesia” is possible and does happen at times, if the recipient is clear, calm and focused, they will typically feel the flow of energy in the room. A lot of times people comment to me, “I can feel their presence right now with us”! Yes, because the energy is that palpable, especially if you’re open and receptive to it!

Lastly, trust that the timing of the messages will make perfect sense when they are supposed to. Not only from loved ones in Spirit, but also guides that leave puzzle pieces – they only want the very best and highest good for you. If you prepare yourself properly ahead of time and during the reading the experience will be an everlasting one.  When you reflect on the reading you will most likely see other insights that you didn’t pick up on initially. Those will have the most significance when you are ready to receive them.