Thriving During Mercury Retrograde

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Are you feeling scattered and forgetful, having trouble communicating and getting your voice heard, missing appointments or double booking yourself, experiencing technical glitches? You’re not alone. According to astrology every few months we experience a phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde. I know whenever I mention it to someone new I get the same deer in headlights look. “Mercury what?” And without going into too much detail I tell them it’s when the planet Mercury turns everything topsy-turvy. I advise them to just ride the wave and not to worry because things will return to normal in a few weeks. But we can do more than ride it out, we can turn it to our advantage if we know how. I want to emphasize the fact that I am not an astrologist but I am sensitive to changes in people’s energies and for some reason I always feel Mercury in retrograde. I can’t explain it scientifically and critics may tell you there is no proof that it does anything to us, but I can only tell you what I experience, and what many others report. There are many things without explanation, and yet we can still observe them. It could be that I am more sensitive because I am a Virgo and Mercury is known to rule my sign. I wanted to share some Mercury Retrograde 101 to help you understand the concept on a deeper level and be more prepared for future retrogrades.

The planet Mercury appears to turn backwards four times a year from our perspective on Earth, although this is merely due to our position around the sun. When this happens it creates a space for us all to reevaluate our lives, giving us an opportunity to reflect and redo things that we wished we had done right the first time. Many people fear Mercury Retrograde because it has a way of undoing the things we set out to create or start during a retrograde. For example, if you decide to start a new business during retrograde you may miss some minor details that can cause major problems down the road and delays in moving forward. I believe this is our opportunity to utilize this energy to go inward, clear old beliefs, heal from past wounds, and regenerate new fresh energy so that when Mercury does go direct we can go full force into the world feeling prepared and supported by the Universe. So, if you’re feeling frustrated right now, or like things are moving slower than molasses, you’re definitely not alone. Here are a few tips to help you utilize this time as a gift rather than hide from the world until it passes!

  1. Mercury Retrograde is a time when creativity sparks and intuition is at a high. Now is the time to trust your hunches and unleash your creative mind. Is there a project that you keep putting on the back burner such as writing, art, music, etc.? Now would be a good time to revisit these unfinished aspirations, to ignite that passion you once had. Mercury Retrograde provides the gift of insight into what matters most!

  2. Be mindful when making life changing choices or signing contracts, even verbal contracts, since this is a time when there are many miscommunications and misunderstandings. Think of this time as sort of a hibernation. Because we are more tuned into our intuitive mind, our rational mind is slowed down so it can be challenging to see the full picture and have all the facts and figures straight.

  3. Avoid purchasing big ticket items such as a house, car, computer, or any type of electronics. Mercury Retrograde seems to affect electronics on Earth. This may be why your phone starts acting up, e-mails don’t go through, or car breaks down, etc. Mercury Retrograde seems to impact us on a mass scale. I’ve noticed during this retrograde, not only did Facebook have a major glitch (do you recall having trouble viewing photos and posts one day in the beginning of July? That was a shadow period right before Mercury Retrograde. The shadow period can be a time period where we get a taste for what the retrograde will be like) but there was also a blackout in New York City during the retrograde. These are only a few observations of how Mercury Retrograde affects us all.

  4. Mercury Retrograde brings up the past so if there are lessons we haven’t finished learning they will typically pop back up. This could be an ex-partner contacting you only to push your buttons of self-worth. This could also be a positive experience where someone who you haven’t been in contact with for a while texts you randomly and wants to get together. Or maybe you unexpectedly stop by a grocery store in the next town over only to be in line with someone from high school. Yes, it does happen! I remember years ago having dinner in Long Beach for the first time and my waiter was an old neighbor from my teen years. All this happened during Mercury Retrograde!

Just remember the “RE” in Mercury Retrograde and you will be reminded of what we need to do to excel during this time. Redo, Relax, Recap, Rejuvenate, etc. This is also typically a time of nostalgia and looking back to old memories of the past. This is where our loved ones in Spirit get to connect with us on a deeper level and by sending meaningful memories that spark the heart center and bring about tears of joy from remembrance. This is truly a gift!

So, with all the negative hype you’ve heard about Mercury Retrograde just keep in mind it’s all a matter of perspective. Much like the rest of life, there are many ways of looking at why things happen. I aim to look at the positive side and I see this as a gift. Even when frustrating moments arise, I tell myself to breathe and focus on the here and now, the positive, and before I know it the miracles and gifts start to appear all around, reminding me of what a joy it is to be alive!

Take the time to breathe, reconnect with an old friend and enjoy this time of returns and reflection.