Frequently Asked Questions

Why “Expect the Unexpected”?

I picked this phrase when I first began doing readings professionally. I would always have people ask me “So, what should I expect to happen?” and I could never truly answer, because each reading is so very different. I never know what is going to happen during a reading- I just leave it up to spirit to come and take over! There are times when a whole session can be about an upcoming business venture, a relationship, even a missing person, or your loved one coming through from the other side. I feel “expect the unexpected” is more than perfect to explain how it all works.

How do I schedule a reading with you?

Please refer to the Contact page to schedule an appointment.

Do I need to provide you with any personal information beforehand?

Other than your name and contact information, no. Please do not write me before our reading “explaining” anything about yourself, past history or present situation. It prevents me from giving you the validation you are seeking and can actually inhibit the process of our reading.

What if I haven’t had anyone close to me pass over? Can I still get a reading?

Absolutely! Oftentimes even people distantly related to you can come through. Just because you didn’t know them personally doesn’t mean they aren’t connected to you. Also, your reading doesn’t necessarily have to be about a loved one coming through. It can also be about life situations and spiritual direction.

How can I prepare for our reading?

It’s very important to ensure a calm energy and open mind during our connection. Ambient noise or other distractions can take away from this, so find a quiet place for yourself. Have a list of questions written down. I don’t expect you to feed these to me, but if you have them in your sight, chances are they will be answered throughout our reading. If possible, take 5 minutes beforehand to quiet your mind and invite those whom you wish to come through. Have pen and paper to take notes. Names, dates and symbols don’t always make sense the first time you hear them, so it’s important to be able to refer back to what you’ve written down. And be sure to save them! It isn’t uncommon for certain messages to fully come to pass a year, even two years later.

The most essential thing we need from each other is openness and honesty.  Please don’t try to test me or play “Stump the Psychic”. It is neither conducive to our session nor respectful, and the spirits are very sensitive to our behavior and intentions. Use the time we have to let them come through. Trust me, they want to!

Why hasn’t what you told me happened yet?

Time is linear and measured in our world down to increments of a second, whereas it isn’t measured at all in the spirit world.  Sometimes what I can interpret as two weeks can actually mean two months. I accept that I am human and there is room for misinterpretation on my part. Be patient. Trust the good-intentioned information coming through this higher source and remember that what you do with it can also affect its result.

Why didn’t certain people come through?

You may not always hear from the people whom you hoped to connect with in a reading. We are never sure who or what information will come through. Have faith that these validations and messages are what you need to hear at this time in your life.

What if I’m not comfortable with the information coming through?

My purpose is, first and foremost , to connect you with those who wish to come through and share guidance and other important messages, not to create panic or fear. The truth of the matter is that readings can stir up intense emotions at times. Our connection is based on openness, yours and mine, so please do communicate to me any feelings that come up, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

Will you be able to tell me my future?

Future predictions do come through in a reading from spirit, whether it be your loved ones coming through, or a guide or angel; however, it is very important to understand that your future is always changing and you are the one who is in control of this. You should never live your life solely by what comes through in a reading, but rather use the information as a tool to improve your current situation.

Do you do readings in person? What about group readings?

Yes, I do offer readings in person. Refer to the Contact page to schedule one with me and please note that travel expenses may apply, depending on your location. Group readings are also available and fees will vary depending on size of group and allotted time for our session. Travel expenses may also apply, depending on the location desired.