" One of the best gifts I received was from my good friend. She wanted me to meet with Bill to see if he could channel my sister, Nicole Brown Simpson, who you may know was murdered in 1994. I was a bit skeptical at first because everyone knew everything about Nicole and my entire family from the media circus. But, I thought I would visit with him anyway. I cannot tell you what a gift this was.

 Bill suggested that I take notes during our visit and thankfully I did because I will have these notes for a lifetime. Bill knew things that no one knew, not only of Nicole, but many of my friends and family who passed many years prior. These were individuals that were never spoken of in the public. So, of course, he had my attention.

How did he know of those who passed from a suicide, car accidents, and my relationship with my grandparents? How would he have known what my grandparents wanted to share with my mom? How would he have known that my friend wanted to thank me for taking care of his sister when he died suddenly?

Bill was not vague in any of his connections. The messages he received were clear, concise, descriptive and emotional. So emotional in fact, that I could not help but to share them with my entire family. They were confident and astonished by his clairvoyance.

Bill’s compassion to truly offer healing hearts to those who suffer was apparent. I would highly recommend a visit with him. You never know what joy or closure you will experience."

With Gratitude Bill!
-Tanya Brown, www.tanyabrown.net

"I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed my reading with Bill. He was so quick to bring through specific details and messages from my loved ones, and tap into the issues important to me. Not only was he was kind in his delivery, but he helped bring a calmness and closure to personal issues I sought advice in. I highly recommend him and plan to get many more readings in the future!"

-Shanna Moakler, Actress

"I decided to have a reading with Bill recently after my wife and in-laws had shared their own personal experiences with him. I wanted to connect with my brother, Chris, and our session was nothing short of great. I was amazed at how he knew things that only my family would know. Not just newsworthy events, but specific nicknames and inside jokes that always made my brother and me laugh. I knew when Bill shared these personal details he was the real deal, and the validations haven’t ended. I’ve been going back through my notes and am still finding connections that I didn’t think of in the moment.

Through his ability to connect to your loved ones, you can receive words of advice and hear their messages of encouragement. Most importantly, you are free to look forward to the future and let go of grieving the past."

Thank you, Bill.
-John Farley- Pasadena, CA


"In September of 2009, I first talked to Bill. Within minutes of our session he asked me if I was a baseball pitcher. In shock I answered yes. Bill then told me that there would be a few major league teams that would be calling me about the MLB draft, but the New York Yankees is who he saw me with. On June 7th 2010 I was drafted in the 26th round by the New York Yankees. Minutes after I heard I was drafted, I emailed Bill with the news. Still to this day I am in amazement of the gift Bill has."

 -R.J. Hively, California

"I have hired mediums and people who channel, as consultants, for over three decades. In fact, the topic of psi experience inspired me to pursue and complete a non-traditional doctoral internship at the University of Arizona. For eighteen months, I was a graduate student intern for Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., and Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D., at the university. I was introduced to Gary and Daniel by Lewis Mehl-Madronna, M.D., Ph.D., author of Coyote Medicine. Since 2002, just a few years after I graduated, I have worked for the Program of Integrative Medicine, as an instructor for the associate fellowship.

In my lifetime, I have had many positive experiences listening to, working with, and for, mediums. This is important to me since I have outlived everyone in my core family and close extended family.

In thirty years, I have never experienced such powerful, affirming, and healing sessions as the ones I have had with you.

Not only were you able to know specific, detailed, information that you could not have known, you channelled agape, acceptance, and forgiveness. The energy was palpable.

You were, via your talent and connection to the spirit world, able to validate my chosen life path and journey as a healer. Even the most difficult road I have taken, which included leaving my family behind in my twenties, was applauded by the very family members who had judged me the most.

I feel liberated, and the sensation of liberation has held over time.
Your talent transcends barriers of time, space, and dimension. I have never met a medium with your profound multidimensional abilities."

 Thank you.
-E. Hitchcock Scott, PhD, NCC, LAADC, ATR-BC

"One of the most amazing experiences of my life was meeting Bill Phillipps. My 5 year old son had been murdered the year before by his father, in a murder/suicide. When Bill connected with my son-it was unbelievable. Bill knew things that only my son would know. Not only was it comforting hearing about my son, but to know that he was in no pain, and that my Mom was with him has been extremely comforting. It has helped me to continue to make steps with going forward with my life, and knowing my son is still with me. Thank you Bill for the peace of mind."

 -Ronnie B, Pine Plains, NY

"My experience with Bill Philipps has been nothing short of amazing. In May 2013, my friend Amy had a private reading with Bill and he channeled her deceased grandmother who told her that her friend Row would soon need help and a healing and to be there for her. Amy visited me that evening in fact, at the Tavern where I bartend, called the 49er, to tell me this. I decided I had to see this guy myself, so we attended the Sunday June 30th Reading at the Irvine Improv. Bill ended up giving me a pretty long reading then, where he channeled my father Bob. Bill kept bringing up the numbers 4 and 44. We assumed he meant the place I worked.  On Sunday July 28th, I saw Bill again at the Hollywood Improv. He gave me a very quick reading and channeled my father Bob again and asked me if I had health issues. I told him no and he asked me again! Bill was motioning around his midsection area while he kept asking this. He finished by saying I needed to get checked out. The following day, my normally docile Dalmatian named Malibu started suddenly barking at me. I was hemoragging heavily! That afternoon I went to urgent care. By the following Monday August 5th, I was diagnosed with stage 3/4 uterine cancer. I had a complete hysterectomy on September 18th 2013 and underwent 6 rounds of chemo up until March of this year. In January 2014, I wanted to share my story with Bill so I went to his group reading in Downtown Disney. I wasn't read, but I approached him after the show, took off my hat to show him my bald head and told him he was completely right in his readings! What was even more amazing was that the doctor told me that after my surgery, 4 of my 44 lymph nodes they removed were cancerous! That was the 4 and 44 connection! Bill grabbed my arm and said "you know you're going to be OK, right?" I immediately felt a sense of relief. Fast forward to this March 26th...I was given the ALL CLEAR by my oncologist and told I would not need to undergo any more treatment or radiation! What is most fascinating about this experience is that in all these readings and interactions with Bill, spirit was trying, every time to tell me take care of myself and my health. I know that my dad, who was not only my father, but my best friend in life, is still looking out for me."

- Row Kinnear