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Dr. Phil: Family Dramas, Mysteries and Facing the Unknown

Dr. Phil taps into the spiritual world with help from the next generation of psychic mediums, Thomas John and Bill Philipps. When did they first realize they had psychic abilities? And, what messages will they have for guests, viewers, audience members and Dr. Phil staff? Then, recovering addict Kathie says her daughter, Whitney, refuses to forgive her for her past mistakes, and she wants to make amends. Whitney says her mother abandoned the family after Kathie’s mother passed away in 2002, leaving Whitney to fight for — and win — custody of her younger sister. Emotions run high when Kathie and Whitney face each other for the first time in two years on Dr. Phil’s stage. How does Kathie explain her past decisions? And, the women sit down for private readings with Thomas and Bill — what message does Kathie’s mother have from the other side? Can Whitney and Kathie repair their fractured bond? Plus, numerologist Glynis McCants runs the numbers on some of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. And, Glynis and Thomas visit soon-to-be newlyweds — are they spiritually compatible? FULL ARTICLE HERE

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Psychic Medium Bill Philipps joins the"Power Morning Show" on Power 96 FM for an in-studio reading #GooseBumps #powermorningshow #power96 READ MORE

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